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tv   FOX and Friends  FOX News  August 16, 2012 6:00am-9:00am EDT

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>> steve: thank you for playing today. >> steve doocy, have a great show. >> you, too. >> "fox and friends" starts now. >> gretchen: good morning, i am gretchen son. vice-president biden facing a back lash from africa-american after these comments. >> unchain wall street. they are going to put you all back in chains. >> gretchen: one democrat is so fed up, he's switching sides? >> steve: meanwhile who invited that guy to president obama's campaign event. he shows up with more than a meat tray. this is a mitt romney t-shirt he's wearing mr. kilmeade? >> brian: we have a winner to
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the powerball jackpot goes tompt i can't tell you. "fox and friends" starts now. ♪ "fox and friends" >> steve: his name is brian kilmeade, you are back on the show. >> gretchen: i thought it was outed where you were? >> brian: i was in the club on long island and a lot of there people watch folks. >> steve: you love the montauk club so does geraldo river a. >> brian: i went searching for geraldo. it is the only time to bond since he took up the radio. >> gretchen: everybody is back on the couch. starting off with the
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headline. new details about the gunmen who was about to start a violent shooting spree. 28 year old lloyd spent the last six months. corkin critized the group and fired a shot at the security guard . tha security guard tackled him to the ground. corkins is held on assault with a deadly weapon charge. we'll a live report from washington in the bottom of the hour. officials in equadoris set to decide whether they will grant asillum to a. this is a live picture of the embassy. the british government threaten to raid the building
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and arrest assange. he is wanted in sweden. there is a chance he could be turned over to the united states for releasing hundreds of thousands of classified documents. on hold again. court proceedings delayed because the army psychiatrist still refused to shave his beard. major assange claims it is for religious reasons. and the judge told him to shave it himself or it will be forceabley shaved. one person waking up $337 million richer. one ticket for the powerball jackpot sold in the state. identity of the winner is not known. it was bought in a gas station in lapeer. if you are travel nothing
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michigan or win. number 6, 27, 46, 51, 56 power ball. >> brian: i hope you don't wake up rich. >> gretchen: if you don't work hard for something and don't know the work, sometimes you don't spend wisely. >> steve: is the president happy with what joe biden said a couple of nights ago in danville, virginia where in a crowd in front of hundreds of africa-american the vice-president said mitt romney will put you all back in chains. the president defended the vice-president. and said he was outstand passionate about what is important to the middle class. he was only talking about wall street reform and nothing more
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than that. >> brian: taken out of context? others are not so forgiving. >> these comments we know they were meant to ignite hatred and done for political gain and it is time for the american people to say this is not appropriate. it is a disrespect to the office he hold. >> i found the remarks profoundly insulting. it is one thing to be famillial and another to be familiar. this is close to know contemptous . not only does heeed to dial them back he needs to apology. she is a liberal commentator and for her to feel that way, maybe joe biden, the president will listen to the back lash or maybe they don't. it doesn't matter if it is intentional. even if it was a slip of the
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tongue he should apologize because of the racial overtone. >> steve: this shows the double standard. can you imagine paul ryan putting you all back in chains. >> brian: in north carolina which would have been confusing to the people of virginia. >> steve: if paul ryan said what joe biden did there would be calls for him to drop out and calls for mitt romney to drop out. did you see anything about this probably not? >> gretchen: and another congressman from alabama he was a democrat and i believe he was one of the key people who introduced president barack obama. >> brian: seconded it. >> gretchen: he had a key role . depess what, he now a republican and lives in the state of virginia and he's speaking out for the mitt
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romney-paul ryan and going to speak in the gop convention. talk about changing the his mind and the way he views the world. >> brian: essentially he believes that the connotation but the way he said you all is significant. the africa-american first governor from virginia believes it is all part of the plan to divide up the africa-american community or divide blacks and whites. >> steve: this is shaping up to be the sleziest campaign. >> brian: the president has lunch with joe biden. >> steve: that will be a little tense. i saw on drudge that officially there has been people since john mccain, if the president is smart he would drop joe biden from the ticket and put hillulary. he has about three weeks to
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drop joe biden. currentlyy joe biden is the presumptive and not the official. >> gretchen: i don't think that is going to happen and republicans if you are in the republican party. you shouldn't suggest that. that makes the ticket stronger. obama-clinton that makes it stronger. >> steve: what make its weaker, joe biden is an embarrassment and should be replaced. >> brian: he's not out on the trail. the president needs go surrogates and he's not there. he took off last week. >> gretchen: and now he's back. medicare back in the spotlight only this time president obama is on the defense. chief washington correspondant james rosen live in ohio with more. good morning, james. >> good morning, gretchen and gang. aids to congressman said he
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will promise to crack down on china and intellectual property theft and assail president obama on medicare cuts and unemployment. ryan returned to his alma matter miami university of ohio near cincinnati. he charged president obama to raiding medicare for obama care. ryan also aimed his fire in another leading democrats and one appearing on no ball on the, >> there is a guy named harry reid. i don't know if you heard of him before. i guess you have. they haven't passed a budget in three years. we'll lead and get the budget balance leave our children a debt-free nation and that is a key to job creation. >> ryan responded for the first time made by incumbent
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vice-president which we have just discussed in the show. biden showed a audience of blacks ands in danville, that ryan's budget would put you all back in chains. on the hannity program. ryan drew a sigh these are the kinds of things you say when you are desperate in the campaign. i think you will hear more. they have a terrible record and they will sink the campaign to low level to distract and stoke the emotions of fear and enry and it is not going to work. we expect to be hearing from congressman ryan here in canton, ohio and from here on to virginia. and the biggest test as a vice-president cand date comes
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on saturday when he goes to central florida, home to many seniors and medicare recipients and tackle the medicare issue there. >> brian: any word when the kids go back to school? is it empty campus. >> when i was buying pencils and erasers at a local costco, i ran into them . they didn't tell me the start of school in walsh. >> steve: what kind of reporter are you. thanks a lot. >> i am covering the slepsiest campaign in history. according to you, steve, that makes you a sleazy reporter? >> gretchen: get out the rain coat for all of the rain coming down on you. >> steve: back to iowa where the president spent the last three days and tell you about this. you built that, that is right.
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remember when the president said in virge virge, if you have a business you didn't build that? that is ross, he was driving back from a chicago cubs game and his partner had a deli in davenport. guess who is coming to town, the president of the united states we are catering that. he is a republican. >> brian: he took the gig and bought the t-shirt. the government didn't build my business. i did. he sent a message. >> gretchen: did the presidency him wearing the t-shirt. that would be interesting to fine out. >> brian: i think the president would welcome an opportunity to clarify that which would take a while. >> steve: the president ges up every day at 6:00. he just saw it right there? >> brian: he had pulled pork and vergitable parmesan veggie fries.
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>> gretchen: sounds delicious. >> brian: error good point. >> gretchen: warning for parents on "fox and friends". a popular baby product after 19 children wound up with fractured skulls. >> brian: hard to read a tease after that one . city couldn't afford a lavic pension and they borrowed millions. they can't pa that either. stewart varny has the answer. ♪ hey, i love your cereal there -- it's got that sweet honey taste. but no way it's 80 calories, right? no way, right? lady, i just drive the truck. right, there's no way right, right? have a nice day. [ male announcer ] 80 delicious calories. fiber one.
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>> steve: stockton, california bankrupt and flat-out broke. the largest city in america to declare bankruptcy and word when it comes to figuring out
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who to pay back, the unions will come before the people. stuart varney is incensed that this is the way it is going? >> i am. who gets paid off. the people who lent money to stockton, california in good faith or the unions which got the mon yepaying out pensions. who gets the money? the unions get the money. what moral does that say? it tells people watch out, you lend money to the california towns and cities, you may not get it back if they are in dire straits and go bankrupt. >> steve: you hear if you invest in municipal bonds they are boring but safe but apparently not. >> what you thought wasly safe bond and get your money back and tax-free interest. what you thought may not be
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true in the future. >> steve: the whole thing about declaring bankruptcy, you can reorganize thingings. we owe them this much and negotiate with them. >> that was the point of bankruptcy. pensions are bankrupting the cities. stockton has not. it defaulted to the bond holders and still paying the pensions. >> steve: one other note, this is the weakest economic recovery since the great depression. look at gdp and unemployment and consumer spending it should be double or triple where it is now. >> absolutely true. with three and half years or three years after the end of the recession, we should be booming. we should be expanding, we are not. we are growing at one and half percent and that is hopeless and a very low rate of growth. 8 percent unemployment and it is rise a massive debt.
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that is not good recovery. >> steve: there is the latest unemployment number. what is interesting, during the recession and the period after, the economy lost 8.8 million jobs and so far we have only been able to recreate four million. and we are still way down. >> here is another one. fewer people are at work today than the year twind. 11 though the population is growing. >> steve: what are they doing? >> gone after disability and quit look dropped out of the labor force and moved in with mom and dad and not work hanging out . doing all of the above but not working. we have the lowest participation rate and the number of people working than we have had in many, many years. >> steve: no wonder barack obama wants to talk about
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taxes of mitt romney other than the economy. >> distract the awful record. >> steve: this is a promow for fox business network. stuart varney will take the next two hours. governor of arizona causing controversy. what she decided to do same day thousands of illegals lined up for work papers. and then the governor didn't build their business and body by jake sein feld and son of a preacher man here. and defining read walking. ♪ son of a preacherman: yes he was. he was. ♪ yes, he was. ♪ [ acoustic guitar: upbeat ]
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>> gretchen: 24 minutes after the top of the hour. arizona governor jan brewer signing a bill denying public benefit to ilincluding driver's license. it came when they applied to top deportation for two years. warning for parents, four million bummle seats over 20 cases of babysit falling had skull fractures. >> brian: gretch, you wonder how the sports league was created? in fact it almost didn't happen. joining me the authors of the book. take a shot.
6:25 am
remarkable story of perse verance and a crazy adventure, jake and dave is here . 12 years ago, you putut league together. congratulations and still going strong. it is next to impossible to do it? jake how did it come to pass? >> i read an arcticle in a terrific mag wreen and an old paul, called swing magazine going home from detroit to la, and i played lacrosse in high school and i started reading. and wasn't that great but played the game and living in los angeles for a long time and hadn't seen the game on television . here i am reading about dave marrow who started lacrosse in princeton. he is making lacrosse a life style. picked up the phone and called him. is there such a thing as prooutdoor lacrosse.
6:26 am
he said no. that was 1998. >> it is 14 years. >> brian: you are an all lacrosse player with the entrepreneurial spirit. you come together and say america has one thing no one else has. we are the best lacrosse players in the world. >> it is great to do interviews with all of the people. we know brian, he was our first sideline guy. you did sideline reporting better than anybody we h. joe and others were great. but you did a great yob. you know with the sport or any sport in this great country we have the best players in the, right? and american sports fans love hitting and scoring and speed. this game has it all . we got together and set out on this journey to launch major league lacrosse. >> brian: what is amazing. you have the entrepreneurial spirit and imagine is, and you
6:27 am
say how can i make it happen. you are doing it with sports and other things. so where does that come from? just because it doesn't exist, i can make it happen. what is opportunity instead of a road block. >> it is a fearlessness i had all of my life. i was fortunate in sports and business career, and the funny thing is, if we thought the league through too closely, we probably wouldn't have done it jake was an entrepreneur and i am an entrepreneur and both are successful and it is one of those things when the opportunity expressed itself. we said go for it. >> so many people have a dream and passion for something. it is really sometimes take a shot. what is the worst thing to happen to you in your life. if you tell them no. we said it a thousand times. no is halfway to yes. we took the shot and it is outstanding. dave, i led the way in the
6:28 am
beginning and dave has done an incredible job . it is a global sports brand. new balance owns his company and life saver for the league and for us. >> brian: i am excited for the book take a shot and the great jersey on top. >> magic hawaii shirt and a quote on it. read that right here. >> brian: i will do it. he gives order. he will take the shirt off later. take a shot. money ball meets the hang over. >> i got to say we had a book party. greckory peck threw it for us. and dave was in town . if you meet gretchen, the guy in detroit love gretchen. it is from andyetim and brook. >> brian: this is embody by
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jake. thank you very much. >> gretchen: i hope so. >> brian: got to see you next half hour. >> take a shot. bye guys. >> brian: he did build that and so did he. ever thought of going parasailing on vacation? don't answer. the next story may have you think it twice. can you make it through dinner without checking your cell phone or sending a text. happy birthday to madonna. she -- don't look surprised. she's good. >> gretchen: i am surprised. >> brian: i am taking a break. whoa. right? get. out. exactly! really?! [ mom ] what? shut the front door. right? woop-woop! franklin delano! [ male announcer ] there's oreo creme under that fudge! oreo fudge cremes. now in two new flavors.
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a >> gretchen: fox news alert. new details on the shooting that is called domestic terrorism. peter doocy has the details. >> good morning, gretchen, late last night we got word on what the suspected shooter will be charged with. taken into custody floyd corkin is held overnight with charge of assault with deputily weapon. there is an investigation and the f.b.i. will make no other comment at this time. corkin recently worked as a
6:34 am
volunteer in the dc center for the community and posed as an intern to get through the lock door with the conservative christian lobbying group. he allegedly shot leo johnson in the arm and police and the f.b.i. are saying that mr. johnson acted courageously in the line of fire. >> i would say in this case, the security officer here is a hero as far as i am concerned. he did his job. the person never made it past the front door. >> we know there was an altercation and the security guard was shot but he did above and beyond what he was suppose to do. >> steve: tony perkins said the police are investigating the incident and our first concern is with our colleague who was shot today, him and
6:35 am
his family. and the suspect floyd corkin bought the gun used on the attack on august 10th. five-days before the attack and bought it legally and suggest that he does not have a major criminal record. back to you in new york. >> gretchen: scary situation. thank you for that reporting. >> steve: more headlines and beginning with stunning new images from inside syrian where steve witnessed the aftermath of the attacks that we have told you about. this is a fox news first. the syrian government murdering its own people. >> you can tell. the incredible emotion. just minutes ago a fighter jet went down here. barely missing his family. >> steve: just moments before that video was shot a plane
6:36 am
dropped a bomb on the apartment. the government claims it is doing nothing wrong and rebels are responsible for that violence. >> brian: not buying that. vacation ending tragically for a couple from connecticut. kathleen died after falling in the ocean. she was parasailing with her husband and her harness broke. they rescued her husband and when they got to her she was in cardiac arrest. i have done that and you wonder what if this change. >> gretchen: climate change spending over seas has turned into a disaster. obama administration spending on projects to the tune of 5.4 billion dollars. projects that received grants had no specific plans at all
6:37 am
for monitoring and there was sloppy paperwork and missing documents and oversight officers who failed to do much of that. overseeing. >> steve: other than that a great program? hold the phone. la restaurant giving a five percent discount for diners turning over the cell phones. it is not eliminating chatter, he wants customers to enjoy the food and company they are with. half of the customers accept the five percent off offer. >> gretchen: that is a interesting talker. >> brian: i don't want anybody else have my phone. >> steve: i call brin brian all of the time. >> gretchen: why you put a hack on it it is a good idea. if you are on date night it is a good idea not to be focused on your phone. >> brian: especially for lunch. they meet in the night time.
6:38 am
and then you go to the bathroom and what are you going to do with it? just saying. in sports, i haven't dated for a while. >> steve: your wife will not let you. >> brian: she could break on that. baseball fans are hailing king felix. >> king felix. 34 years and 119 games and it finally happened. a perfect game. >> brian: hernandez threw the perfect game. he was congratulated obviously. 23rd perfect game in mlb history. there are three this season. seattle beat the rays. 1-nil. all-star game player hit with a 50 game suspension. melky cabrera tested positive for testosterone.
6:39 am
they are in a dead heat with the dodgers. cabrera leads with 159 hittings. he admitted he doped. my positive test was the result of a substance i shouldn't have used. i am deeply sorry for my teammates and letting the fans down. u.s. soccer team making history in mexico last night. this is thrown. usa still has the lead. >> brian: michael, poking in the goal and 1-nothing win it is the first time in 25 games or 75 years that the u.s. team won in mexico. >> steve: are you kidding? >> brian: the goal was not for just u.s. soccer but the entire united states. >> gretchen: is that the uniforms what they wore in the
6:40 am
olympics? >> brian: no, it is a different team. >> gretchen: they are interesting but kind of distracting. >> brian: the mexican team won the olympics and they did not have distracting jerseys unfortunately for the brazilians who beat them. 92 speaking of distraction reaction to pour in fo to joe biden's comments. >> because these guys are losers, they are losers. >> brian: donald trump said pipe down there. >> steve: that man here next to expand on the loser comments. >> gretchen: move over, the price is right is looking for a few good men. wow. >> brian: they are calling your name looking for models. [ male announcer ] every day, thousands of people are choosing advil® for their headaches. my name is sunshine and i have three beautiful girls.
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>> steve: got great headlines. 1.6 billion went missing before ms global went bankrupt criminal charges are unlikely for former democratic governor and senator from new jersey. move over ladies, the price is right is looking for mr. right. game show holding its search for a male model to stand in front of apliiances. viewers can pick on line starting in october. >> gretchen: interesting idea. president obama's campaign is defending bideny's comment. >> mitt romney will let the big banks write their own rules. unchain wall street. they are going to put y'all
6:45 am
back in chains. >> we have no problem with the comments. >> gretchen: joining me is former governor of new hampshire john sununu. i know you have a problem with the comment. >> not that i have a problem. i have to give credit to former democrat governor doug wilder who yesterday made it clear that even though he will vote for president obama, that as a warrior in these kinds of issues over the years, he recognizes that what the vice-president said in language and in tone, was playing the race card and former democratic congressman author davis who is supporting mitt romney yesterday spoke out and today, spoke out and made it clear that they, too, who is involved in this all of his life recognize that as a
6:46 am
despicable effort to bring the race. the president is lose can't speak about issues of unemployment 8.3 percent and 25 million americans are unemployed or undemployed . he's moving his campaign in the gutter and it is despicable. >> gretchen: governor was the comments intentional or slip of the tongue. >> yes, they are intengal. i am not just saying. black american politicians made it clear they, too, feel they were intentional. >> gretchen: do you find it fascinating that the president himself is defending those comments and gave an interview to people magazine. the truth is, during the course of the campaigns, folks like to get obsessed with how something is phrased even if everybody understands that is not how it is meant. that's not what is on people's
6:47 am
minds. >> it is not what is on people's minds . what is on people's minds is urnemployment and the problem the economy has. but the president a vice-president are trying to shift the focus . i am not surprised that the president is saying this. this is coming out of the same campaign that lied about not knowing what was involved in the despicable adput on television trying to associate mitt romney with a death of a lady. of course, he's going to deny it and then quietly encourage it in the campaign. the campaign on the democratic side sunk to new lows and every day they surprise us by going lower. >> gretchen: that is my next question . when the president and vice-president have lunch in dc, you think he will high five and say keep doing that or will he get a reprimand. >> who knows what they will
6:48 am
say behind closed doorings, it has america headaching their head. the president who came in with promise failed. i am sure what he does behind closed doors is lament the fact he is incompetent. >> gretchen: how should mitt romney handle these type was accusations? >> he picked a great vice-president presidential choice. he should keep talking about what he's going to do to fix the economy and a positive program on bringing energy and cheap energy to america and a program of incentives for incentment for job creation and of course, he will make it clear, he will not steal 716 billion from medicare like this president did. >> gretchen: does it make you better that vice-president biden changed it from chain to
6:49 am
shackled. >> i am not sure joe knows the difference. >> gretchen: governor john sununu, thank you for your time today . remember the super pac ad blaming mitt romney's death. the first lady is implying that mitt romney could kill you, that's coming up next . [ sniffs ] bacon?! gotta get that bacon!
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>> welcome back. >> brian: welcome back everybody. looking to buy the latest sports car. doug has the inside scoop and joining us live from the pebblele beach. the autoshow is this true.
6:53 am
>> listen if you get up in the middle of the night. cheng these numbers out you guys, half billion or there about worth of metal rolling through pebble beach . what an insane collection of the world's coolest cars. this is where the billionaires mingle with the commoners known as millionaires. this is cool one of a kind cars, it will happen in pebble beach. couple of cars you have not seen before that car makers are hoping to introduce to the masses. take a look that is from infinity it is a concept right now and called emerge e and fully electric. it goes zero to 60 and top speed 130 and no gasoline need fully electric and an example folks in infiniti super luxury and performance and a super
6:54 am
green footprint. no word on whether they will build it. it is a concept now. insiders are saying it could come to market within the next few years. if you watch the olympics you saw this from rolls royce. it is way better looking than i am. phantom series two drop head. it is a rolls roy. what more do you say? check this out . open the doors. they are coach doors and i know it gets drissly in new york. pull out your custom umbrella and all of this not a problem. for $469,000 it can be yours. that is little out of my price range. what is not is a car over here. we'll ask you. and come out of the video. what do you think this luxury car is. take a case.
6:55 am
>> steve: a hundai. >> how did you know that. >> steve: it is on the side of the screen. it looks like a bmw. >> it really does. this thing is absolutely beautiful. the back seat bigger than the front seat which is why it is meant to have a driver. it has a fold out and television and cooler for your frosty beverage and only 59,000. for a hundai if you get this equipped out of europe it would cost $80,000 to $90,000 . hundai wants to be a player in the luxury cars. this september as of 2013 and about $59,000 to start with. for you guys, i will polish this up and roll it over to the studio. you all deserve one. >> steve: doug is live in
6:56 am
pebble beach. 4:55. >> gretchen: etch our initials. >> brian: use your key. everybody does. >> steve: straight ahead. should people be allowed to use welfare for whoopi pie. the owner in trouble for saying no, it shouldn't be used for that? >> brian: and the guy responsible for keeping paul ryan in shape. tony horton shares the congressman's secrets with steve only. well hello, welcome to summer road trip, huh? uhuh yep uch let's find you a room. at, you'll always find the perfect hotel. because we only do hotels. wow. i like that. nice
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♪ ♪ with a subaru you can always find a way. announcer: love. it's what makes a subaru, a subaru. >> gretchen: good morning, everyone. today is thursday, august 16. i'm gretchen carlson. thanks for sharing your time with us today. the president defending vice president joe biden even though the backlash now is piling on
7:00 am
over these comments. >> unchained wall street. they're gonna put y'all back in chains. >> gretchen: one democrat so fed up that he's continuing to switch sides. >> brian: remember the super pac ad blaming mitt romney for a woman's death? no apologies here. guess who is doubling down? the first lady, it seems. wow. implying vote for romney could kill you. >> steve: plus, he's the republican nominee for vice president, but he looks like a men's health model. how can you look like paul ryan, wind up in that kind of shape? i'm about to take you through one of his workouts with the creator of p 90 x. and i'll be exhausted. "fox & friends" hour two for thursday starts.
7:01 am
>> gretchen: i bought my house that for father's day one year. >> steve: and? >> gretchen: it's still in the box. you know what? it takes a lot of dedication. once you get into it, then you're really into it. >> steve: yeah. apparently once you take the introductory whatever it is, i think it takes 38 minutes to get all the routine down, it's only ten minutes a day. so i'm thinking about actually trying it. i know you thought about trying it. >> brian: no, i got it. we were supposed to do it for the radio show and then it lost momentum. so now i stare at the box every day. and wonder what's going to happen. >> gretchen: you've got the same thing. >> steve: you were going to do a workout for the radio? >> brian: yes. >> steve: nobody could watch you. >> gretchen: yes, they watch now on brian's radio. >> brian: that is kind of a surveillance camera. i think p 90 x is interesting. i was either going to do that or plan b, which is juicing.
7:02 am
i'm actually going to start taking performance enhancing drugs. i'm going to start shooting myself up. like cabrera. >> steve: let's see how long it takes the blogs to pick that up. >> gretchen: you can do that or after the convention? >> brian: i want to enhance my performance at the convention, so i'm going to juice. >> gretchen: all right. we'll look forward to that. let's get to the headlines because new details this morning on the shooting scene called domestic terrorism at the headquarters of a christian lobbying group in washington. we're learning that the gunman, 28-year-old floyd corken, pictured here, spent the past six months volunteering at a lgbt center, lesbian, gay center. upon entering the building, he criticized the christian group, pulled out his gun firing a shot at a security guard. that wound guard, leo johnson, being hailed a hero for tackling him to the ground and preventing a potentially deadly attack.
7:03 am
he's being held on an assault charge. fox news alert. a live look at the ecuador embassy in london where julian assange is awaiting word from officials on whether they'll grant him asylum in that country. that decision expected any moment now. if they grant him asylum, british police could arrest him the moment he leaves the embassy. he's trying to dodge extradition to sweden where he's wanted on sexual misconduct charges and a chance he could be turned over to the united states for releasing hundreds of thousands of classified government documents. on hold once again, the court proceedings delayed because major nidal malik hasan, the suspect, refuses to shave his beard. he claims it's for religious reasons. but a judge says it's distraction and violates army regulations. the judge telling him to shave it or it will be forcibly shaved. he's charged with the murders of
7:04 am
13 people. with the race for the white house heat up, you would think there is plenty to report on of the some in the media are focusing on fashion and it has to do with the gop ticket. mitt romney and paul ryan are being put to the style test. "washington post" showing this rear view photo of the running mates. they say romney is meticulously dressed. while ryan is spotted with his pants sagging at his ankles. that has a lot to do with policy. that's pants policy. i know americans are very, very concerned about that. >> steve: right. i think it was the "new york times" took a shot at paul ryan and said his shirts are so boxy, but he's a really tall skinny guy. >> brian: he was on the simpson bowles committee. they may want to findity what the plan is. if they have time and not focus on cuffs. >> gretchen: as a woman, i'm kind of glad that at least they're focusing a tiny bit on something that they always focus
7:05 am
on about women in politics. >> brian: i tell you what, i think i can speak for steve when i say we're tired being treated like a piece of meat. >> steve: paul ryan squaring off against joe biden for vice president. yesterday he got the century wrong of the he referred to paul ryan as governorment the day before he got the state wrong. it was at that same convenient convenient -- event where the current vice president told a crowd of hundreds of african-americans that mitt romney wants to put y'all back in chains. that last comment has really drawn the ire of a number of african-americans. >> brian: right. for example, the mayor in utah was here on our couch. she was telling her story a short time ago and tina jackson is a contributor on our channel. and the daughter of jesse jackson. she is a liberal. >> steve: very. >> brian: they agree on one thing and that is those comments don't fly with them. let's listen.
7:06 am
>> these comments we know that they were meant to ignite hatred. we know it was done for political gain and i think it's time for the american people to say, you know, this is not appropriate. i think it's a disrespect to the office which he holds. >> i found these remarks to be profoundly insulting. you know, it's one thing to be familial and familiarity breeds contempt. this is very, very close to being contemptous. they're insulting. not only does he need to dial them back, he needs to apologize. >> gretchen: so there you have it from two african-american women. it's not just the two of them. former governor of virginia, the first african-american governor, doug wilder, has come out and said that he is very disappointed in the comments. and the racial undertones. he also has the former congressman from the state of alabama who was a huge proponent of president obama when he was running for office four years ago. he's now changed political parties. he's now a republican and will be doing some speaking at the
7:07 am
gop convention. >> brian: give the president credit. he always stands up for the vice president. there was a few times he could make side comments, but he do is. >> gretchen: but why? he has to stand up for him examine many people would say this is the master plan of accusing the romney camp of certain things, then they're stick to go strategy. >> steve: apparently the strategy may be backfiring because the hill newspaper this morning talks about what's one thing the president had going for him all along? that's likeability. according to the hill newspaper internal polls are showing and focus groups as well, that these attacks on mitt romney apparently taking their toll. he's dropping poll wise. apparently the attacks not wearing well with voters. >> brian: all right. 80 plus days to go. it's turning into a medicare mess for president obama. the president feeling the heat from paul ryan on the campaign trail. chief washington cor suspendent james rosen live in ho had with more. this a fight that paul ryan says
7:08 am
he and mitt romney want. right, james? >> right. that's a big change for the gop ticket traditionally. roughly 48 million americans, brian, receive medicare treatment for their medical care. and for these citizens, the vast majority of them are over the age of 65. the familiar election year assertion that this is the most important election of your lifetime. this year is probably true. representative ryan will be hitting these themes again today. during his appearance yesterday at his alma mater, miami university of ohio, the gop vice presidential candidate repeated the charge that president obama, in order to fund his massive healthcare overhaul, is raiding the medicare funds to the tune of $716 billion. it is a shift to owe finances for the gop which traditionally has been attacked by democratic candidates for planning steep cuts to medicare and social security to fund the military and tax cuts for top income earners. >> you know, the president, i'm told, is talk about medicare
7:09 am
today. we want this debate. [ cheers and applause ] we need this debate and we will win this debate. [ cheers and applause ] >> the obama campaign says governor romney and congressman ryan are knowingly misleading the voters. paul ryan's budget promises to repeal obamacare, but preserves those cuts to medicare, which are cuts, the president says, to doctors and insurers, not cuts to seniors. the president, too, went on offense on this subject during a reallily yesterday in davenport, iowa. >> keep in mind, these are both governor romney and congressman ryan in the past have said they want to botch the medicare system. here is what i've done.
7:10 am
i've strengthened medicare. i made reforms that save millions of seniors with medicare hundreds of dollars on their prescription drugs. we're closing the doughnut hole. >> we expect to be hearing from representative ryan here at walsh university in north canton, ohio, about two hours from now, 9 eastern time. i couldn't help but overhear earlier my fox and "friends" in new york discussing paul ryan's workout routine. he gave an interview in the new edition of people magazine which i like to think of as the downtown gossip magazine in which he told the readers what he listens to while he works out. follow me on twitter, at james rosen and as soon as i'm done here action i will tweet out what paul ryan listens to on his ipod while he works out. >> gretchen: now, that's a tease. and it's a tease i'm kind of angry about 'cause i want to know right now. >> brian: right. we don't want to follow you on twitter. what's the sense of knowing you
7:11 am
if we can't find out? >> it's not a tease. it's a tweeze. >> steve: james rosen. >> a tweezer. >> steve: thank you very much. >> gretchen: thank you. love having him on the show. >> brian: he's all right. >> gretchen: fans are flocking to graceland to pay tribute to elvis presley on the 35th anniversary of his death. where has the time gone? that's where rick reichmuth is this morning. rick, a lot of people will be envious of you being at graceland. >> yeah. maybe paul ryan listens to elvis, at least today on his ipod as he's working out. the 35th anniversary was august 16, 1977. elvis died and every year they have elvis week here in memphis for people to come and pay their respect and tribute to elvis. but on the 35th anniversary, very special one. take a listen to what some of the fans here last night at the candlelight vigil had to say. >> i just love his music. i've always watched his movies.
7:12 am
really amazing how well he sings at every different aspect of music. great. >> we're from bonn, germany, and we are representing the german fans. he is probably the completest entertainer that has ever lived. >> i'm joined by kevin, the corrector of public relations for graceland, this year, very special event because priscilla and lisa marie were here and met the crowd who were here paying respects to elvis. tell me what happened last night when they came out and saw the crowd? >> it was the first time in history that they ever greeted the crowd at the candlelight vigil, which is an annual ehave not. it was a big surprise for the fans who traveled to memphis from around the world to be part of this special evening and the vigil that started last night and continued to the wee hours of this morning. >> i got to tell you, one of the things being here that struck me is elvis bought this place with
7:13 am
his very first earnings in 1957. he died in this very same building. he didn't move. he lived his entire kind of celebrity life right here. >> 20 years. it was a special place for him and remains a special place for the presley family today. that's why they wanted to share graceland with alt visitors we've had over the years. 18 million visitors. we estimate we had 75,000 for the vigil. it's been a busy day. >> 75,000. coming up, it's the bottom of the hour action we'll have somebody who is a new not elvis impersonator, but tribute artist. jose at the lease llano. we'll send it back to you. >> steve: live in graceland. >> brian: we'll be checking with rick again. the man who helped hide saddam hussein breaks his silence. what you've never heard about those nine months on the run. >> gretchen: remember that super pac ad blaming mitt romney for a
7:14 am
woman's cancer death? michelle obama doubling down implying romney can kill you? that reaction next ♪ why should saturday night have all the fun? get two times the points on dining in restaurants, with chase sapphire preferred.
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7:17 am
>> gretchen: mitt romney calling for the president to raise the bar in the tone of the election. for a fair and balanced debate, juan williams and andrea tantaros. >> good morning. >> gretchen: juan, joe biden said he had a few gaffes this week alone, but the big one that has racial undertones is the one where he said he was going to chain people back up. y'all are going to be chained back up. are you going to also go on the record and denounce those comments? >> i don't see what there is to denounce. i didn't pick up the racial context. i mean, he was talking in language that's been used by
7:18 am
speaker boehner, paul ryan and others saying that republicans want to unshackle wall street and what the vice president said, again, speaking to an audience down in southern virginia that has a substantial, not majority number of black people in it, was if these regulations are taken away, wall street will run amuck and put you back in chains. >> gretchen: i understand the insinuation, but when you're speak to go an african-american audience and talk being chain, doesn't that have racial undertones? >> not to me. but i think the republican party is the mostly white party right now, mostly male party, i think they're very much aware if anybody on the republican side had said something like that, oh, everybody would be screaming bloody murder. >> gretchen: they would. andrea, let me have you comment on that. >> i don't see the reality of it given the context of what he said. >> gretchen: let's flip it around. andrea, what if paul ryan had said that? >> there would be an uproar. you would see everybody from jesse yackson, al sharpton, saying romney needs to ask him
7:19 am
to step down. juan, it's very different from saying you're going to unshackle an economy to they want to put y'all back in chains to an african-american audience. it's two totally different ways to phrase. and really joe biden should have just said, i'm sorry, and moved on. now you know as well as i do, we just keep talking about this because they perpetuate the story. the defense is worse than the apology. >> gretchen: the president has come out this morning in an interview and he's completely defending joe biden. so it looks like they are not going to back down or apologize. what do you think about this next topic? michelle obama apparently doubling down now on that other controversial cancer ad that blamed mitt romney for killing a woman of cancer last week. here is her quote. we all know these stories, the grandparents who couldn't afford their medication, the family is going broke because the woman got sick. do we want these reforms to be repealed because there are those who do, or do we want the people we love to have the care they need? that's the choice we face.
7:20 am
juan? >> i thought that ad was scurilous. i think what she's saying is when it comes to medicare, i don't think you can distort this any way you want. but paul ryan budget, the one he originally proposed was going to make medicare into a voucher program and not guarantee services and care -- >> that is absolutely not true. >> gretchen: that's not true. >> it is absolutely true. >> none of the services would be affected, juan. let me point out something, this is so important. i was up late last night writing my column on this exact thing so i'm so glad we're talking about this. in obamacare, the law of the land, there is an independent payment advisory board. it's a panel of 15 bureaucrats. they will be cutting services. they are tasked with cost containment and guess who will be affected? anyone with cancer. the disabled, the most expensive. juan, we've debated this before. it is so important. even president obama said we need to take a look at the most expensive care.
7:21 am
>> gretchen: wait, wait. we have 80 days until the election. juan, i got ten seconds. i got to go. we'll debate it again. i promise. >> thanks. >> gretchen: how to look like paul ryan, coming up next. thanks, guys [ male announcer ] aggressive styling. a more fuel-efficient turbocharged engine. and a completely redesigned interior. the 2012 c-class with over 2,000 refinements. it's amazing...inside and out. ♪ join mercedes-benz usa on facebook for the best summer sweepstakes. a body at rest tends to stay at rest... while a body in motion tends to stay in motion. staying active can actually ease arthritis sympto. but if you have arthritis, staying active can be difficult. prescription celebrex can help relieve arthritis pain
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7:24 am
>> brian: time for news by the numbers. first, 4 million. that's how many baby seats are being recalled after 84 reports of babies falling. over 20 cases involving skull fractures. next, 3.90. that's how high analysts say the average gallon of gas will go. it will make 2012 the most expensive year ever for gas in the u.s. gas prices already up 30 cents since mid july. that's why gretchen uses my bike every day. $337 million. that's how much the one winning powerball ticket sold in
7:25 am
michigan is worth. the winner or winners not yet known. >> steve: it is one of the most intense homeworkout programs out there. the p 90 x. it has gained popularity in washington, d.c., getting praise from vice presidential candidate paul ryan who is a loyal follower. >> it's a fantastic workout. i've got about a dozen of us that do it. hits your body in many different wakes pullup, pullups. lots of cardio. it pushes your body in many different ways so that it gets out of its plateau. >> steve: listen to him. that's right. i'm wearing shorts. tony horton is the founder and also joins congressman ryan's class every couple of months. now he's here to tell us alleges about it. >> how are you? >> steve: he's the guy from the tv? >> yes. >> steve: a lot of people don't realize, paul ryan was a personal trainer for a little while. >> yeah. after college, it was one of miss many jobs.
7:26 am
he's astute about fitness and exercise. the reason he gravitated to p 90 x because it helped strengths and weaknesses. >> steve: i've seen pictures of him during his workout thing and he was wearing a short t-shirt. he's ripped. >> he's very dedicated, he works out five to seven days a week. he's brought in a lot of other congressmen in the congressional gym. there's a group of maybe 20 people sometimes. >> steve: it's bipartisan? >> both working out together. >> steve: any independents? you ever see joe lieberman? >> no, i haven't yet. >> steve: let's see what they're doing at the gym. >> here is a basic. pushups. ready to go for this? >> steve: yeah. >> we're on the deck here. feet wide matters a lot here. do a standard pushup. now, lay on the side of your feet and reach that arm up. nice. other side, maybe a pushup, other side. >> steve: come on, bring it! >> is that all you got? i got more. now, here is more, mixed martial
7:27 am
arts. elbow, pull it in. now on the deck -- >> steve: if the navy seals are watching, i should not be one. >> row your boat, arms out, extend the leg, just like that. couple of those. >> steve: that's kind of hard. >> yeah, works your core, hip flexors. >> steve: i don't think i have a core. one more. >> ready? jump in the air. one and dawn. two. three. >> steve: how often does paul ryan do this? >> almost every day. >> steve: so when it comes to fitness to be vice president, he could be the most fit vice president? >> i would imagine so. he and abe lincoln were the two, or george washington. >> steve: wait a minute, they did p 90 x? >> no, no x in those days. >> steve: real pleasure. >> thank you very much. great being here. >> steve: i'm exhausted. let's take a time out.
7:28 am
>> gretchen: good job. >> brian: great job there. >> gretchen: one arm pushup is difficult to twist your whole body. >> brian: i imagine. i haven't tried it yet. >> gretchen: you have. >> brian: i think it's time for your husband to jump in. >> gretchen: i hope he's not watching. >> brian: we will find out with those these and me with a premature tease which rarely happens to me. the seals are not only defending our country, they're whipping celebs into shape through military style mission on a new reality show. meet two of them later this hour. then, should people be allowed to use welfare for whoopie pies? one bakery owner in trouble for saying no. joining us live. with the spark miles card from capital one,
7:29 am
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7:32 am
>> brian: new details about the gun-who far getted a conservative group in washington, injuring one person. police calling the incident domestic terrorism. let's go live to peter doocy who was in washington with the latest, kellogg -- >> it was bought six days ago on august 10, bought legally, which suggests that the suspect doesn't have a major criminal record. we found out late last night what that suspect is being charged with. we got something from the f.b.i. that says taken into custody was floyd lee corken ii, 28, of virginia. he's being held on a charge of assault with a deadly weapon.
7:33 am
the investigation into the shooting is continuing. the f.b.i. will make no further comment at this time. the suspect, mr. corkin, recently worked as a volunteer at the lbgt community and posed as an intern to get through the secured entrance to the family research center. once he got through the door, he got in a fight with security guard. he shot him in the arm. he was rushed to the hospital alive and authorities, both local and federal, say he saved the day. >> i would say in this case, the security officer here is a hero, as far as i'm concerned. he did his job. the person never made it past the front door. >> we know there was an altercation and the security guard was shot. but the security guard did a phenomenal job and did above and beyond what he was supposed to do in this situation. >> the president of the family research counsel, tony perkins, said the police are investigating this incident. our first concern is with our
7:34 am
colleague who was shot today. our concern is for him and his family. president obama also expressed his concern for the individual involved. according to jay carney, the president said the violence has no place in our society. he was notified about what happened in the 1:00 o'clock hour yesterday by his homeland security advisor, john brennan. back to you in new york. >> gretchen: all right. peter doocy, thanks very much. the rest of the headlines for thursday. for the first time, we're hearing the 911 calls made as a gunman opened fired at a sikh temple in wisconsin. >> the location of your emergency? >> yes, ma'am. >> gretchen: that was one of several calls made as white
7:35 am
supremacist wade michael page ambushed the temple during sunday prayer services. he killed six people and injured three others before taking his own life. >> brian: iraqi man who helped hide saddam hussein from u.s. force social security now speaking out. one of saddam hussein's former drivers. he tells the "washington post" that he and his brother helped the iraqi dictator move from house to house for nine months and even -- that he even dug the so-called spider hole where hussein was captured if 2003. he says hussein spent most of his time writing poetry and recording speeches, promoting jihad against american soldiers and claims he spent six months in prison after the arrest. he says the worst part was the loud rock'n'roll music played by american soldiers. >> steve: there is a reason they call it prison. meanwhile, a little boy in china finding himself in a tight spot. he got his head stuck in a concrete balcony at one of the government buildings there. firefighters quickly turning to a special cutter to free him.
7:36 am
the youngster was eventually pulled to safety and had a tearful -- oh, man of the he won't do that again. he had a tearful reunion with grandma. he was not hurt. >> gretchen: wow. finally, call it a crash course. yeah, that's a college lecture in costa rica, interrupted by a cat. oh, my gosh, i didn't realize. it's a cat that comes through the roof! the cat was just fine, but the teacher was terrified. could have been worse. it could have been a he rat. students came to the rescue and showed the cat the door. >> steve: could have been a catastrophe. >> brian: it would have been catastrophic. >> gretchen: i'm going to end it right there. >> steve: cataclysmic. >> brian: 35 years ago today that elvis presley died. this morning the king of rock'n'roll's legends alive and well we understand at graceland.
7:37 am
rick rice matthew told us that. he'll tweet it later. >> you're absolutely right. amazing experience. every year they have elvis week. but last night, 75,000 people came out here for a candlelight vigil to pay tribute to the king of rock. i want to talk about the weather quick because there is some severe weather to be had and big changes for a lot of people. that's welcome news. you can see where the severe weather is poised to be today and throughout the afternoon. a pretty big cold front slices through areas from around michigan, toward tulsa, oklahoma. going to be seeing that threat for very strong winds, maybe a tornado or two and big strong rain. heavy rain. it's going to really change temperatures out and so much of the central part of the country that's been dealing with such extreme heat. get ready, 'cause that is all about to change. those greens you see at the top end of your map, those are nice temperatures and dry conditions. it will feel a little like fall. the heat has to go somewhere.
7:38 am
it's down across parts of texas, as well as in across much of the pacific northwest. look at that temperature in seattle tomorrow. 92. the heat is out there. let's get back to elvis. it's elvis week. take a listen to what some of the people last night who came out to this vigil had to say about elvis and their experience. >> i think i came for 17 years. they've been coming off and on the last few years. >> everybody gets so quiet and listens to him sing and everybody started singing. it's just something that leaves you -- it's contagious. >> every year it gets better and better. >> it's the people. they come in from all over the world. >> out here every year, oftentimes priscilla and lisa marie are around. but they've never come out and met the crowd. last night they came out onto the lawn here of graceland and met the crowd and from what i hear, it was a really emotional time for them to see the
7:39 am
outpouring of love that all of these people, 75,000 people who came here to show what their respects are for elvis. one of the ways that a lot of people paid their respects to elvis are people who are tribute artists. i'm joined by victor trevino. you're 27 years old? >> yes, sir. 27 years old. but i've always appreciated older music and where music was influenced from, that young people listen to today. >> i was eight years old when he died. but you weren't even born at that time. what was your first memory of thinking, there is some artist that's pretty special? >> i remember when i was real little in elementary school in a talent show and my parents said, you should do "teddy bear," and that's what really got me into older music. i liked oldies. my father was a dj and always appreciated that. >> i got to tell you, your elvis in the 50s and 60s and you got
7:40 am
this idol look on. i want to bring in somebody who just showed up. joey tries. you're elvis in the '70s? >> elvis in the '70s. that's what io. >> you guys make your living doing this. >> paying tribute to elvis. that's exactly what we do. >> and you guys, there is a contest. i'm going to go back to victor here. there's a contest going on this week? >> there is a competition going on. this is a very big competition because what this is is that it is the best of the best of elvis tribute artists in the world. people electric all over the u.s., people from australia, europe, and canada. they have to prequalify in a preliminary round. >> how much are there? >> 29 this year. >> 29. best of luck to you guys. i'm impressed. we've got to find a '60s elvis for later on. guys, back to you. >> steve: very nicely done. i was at that event 20 years ago covering it and was there for the candlelight vigil and then for the tribute artist contest.
7:41 am
it really is something. >> brian: what was better? your reports then or rick now? >> steve: rick is doing a much better job. >> gretchen: he did so well, he's going to come back one more time. we'll see you in about an hour. thanks so much. after one man was attacked by a great white in cape cod, a fisherman gets in a show social security down with another shark. the whole thing caught on video. >> brian: why are the sharks so angry? >> steve: and speak of tasty, welfare for whoopie pies? one bakery owner says not in her store. she is now under fire. she will talk to us next. >> brian: whoopie. first, 9 aflac question of the day. born on this day in 1954, this canadian film director made history when he traveled to the deepest spot on earth. who is he? be first with the answer.
7:42 am
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7:46 am
designed initially to help people who could not afford to put nutritious food on their tables. and there is plenty of that at the farmers market. so i know that's why they're doing it. but with regards to my product, whoopie pies, pies, cakes, cookies, my position was that the american taxpayers should not be footing the bill for people's dessert purchases. so the program was supposed to be voluntary and i exercised my option to opt out. that's when the problem started. >> gretchen: i was going to say, because then you got some e-mails back and forth of sort of surprise reaction from the people in charge of the farmers market. by the way, we reached out to the braintree farmers market and they did not respond to us. but what did they say back to you? >> well, the market manager clearly wants everybody on board with this. i can understand that. but she didn't anticipate that anybody would not comply. but my position was that there is so much at that farmers
7:47 am
market that is suitable for ebt purchases, that's where the money should be spent. and there is a false assumption that everybody who has ebt money only has ebt money, which comes from the american taxpayers. there is a lot you can not buy with ebt funds and if they want my products, they should be using their own money. i'll sell to anybody. i just don't want to take the tokens that are generated from the taxpayer money. >> steve: yeah. i understand that when the farmers market people heard from you with your e-mails declining, you are quoted as saying they looked at me like i had six heads. i think you're trying to take a stand. you see a lot of waste in this country right now and with this food stamp program and the ebt program, too many people are gaming the system. is that how you feel? >> yes. there has been a lot of press about that. and i reached out to representative o'connell from taunton, massachusetts, because she is working with the massachusetts legislature to try
7:48 am
and make stricter parameters on just what these ebt funds can be used for. and actually this happened right after the day that i had sort of a little bit of a confrontation with the market manager because we were on opposite sides of this issue. the next day on this program, i saw seana o'connell being interviewed. so the following monday, i reach out to say this is what's happening in my world. i've been in correspondence with her to let her know that she had my support and a lot of small businesses that i've spoken with that feel the same way, that our products just aren't suitable for this program. >> gretchen: it's very courageous stand because in effect, you could end up losing money as a result of not selling. you're standing up for what you believe in. andrea taber, thanks so much for your time. we hope to get to test out -- >> steve: and the whoopie pies, they look delicious. they're going to disappear during the next commercial. >> thank you very much.
7:49 am
>> steve: straight ahead on this thursday, they risked their lives for our country as u.s. marines. now they're seeing if celebrities have what it takes to do their job. >> violence in action, let's do it all the way! all wait! all the way. now is the time. one, two, three! >> steve: excellent! the real stars of "stars earn stripes" next. >> gretchen: first on this day in 1976 "good times." i love this song. i love this song. it was the number one song. ♪ [ male announcer ] what's in your energy drink?
7:50 am
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7:53 am
>> violence in action. let's do it all the way. all the way! all the way. now is the time. one, two, three! >> brian: those are real u.s. marines putting celebrities through real military style missions on the new reality show "stars earn stripes." you probably heard something about it. we're joined by two of those marines, andrew and j.w. cortez. welcome to both you. >> thank you. >> brian: so you have a great list of celebrities. and a good roster. who was yours? >> todd palin. >> brian: todd palin. >> todd rambo palin? >> in what respect? >> he's not a man of many words. his actions speak so much louder than anything he could have possibly said. mission one episode one, that's him working like god over the mud. >> brian: what was the mission there? >> basically a serious assault. we had to rush the beach.
7:54 am
after being dropped into water in the water, full combat, swim and rush the beach and get to go negotiate some obstacles. >> brian: andrew, you're in rein. >> i'm out now. >> brian: i'm always told you're never a former marine. so who is your celebrity? >> dllve convince from "the biggest loser. >> brian: was he ready for you? >> yeah. he's a good guy. i was very happy how things turned out. he's a good person. didn't know how to swim, unfortunately. so we had to sort of work with that. but he's learning. >> brian: did you have some conflict with him? >> not really. of course, when you're going to be put with somebody that you don't know and around them for a long period of time, you might butt heads. but overall, he's a very good person and i like him. there was for the right reasons. >> brian: jw, they came after you twice examine they said do this. what made you jump in? what sold you on the concept? >> it's all about giving back to our troops. there is tons of celebrities with their own reality shows. there is not one soldier who has
7:55 am
been awarded the medal of honor that an american household can tell me his name. that's a problem for me. we need to raise awareness for our soldiers, whoever it is that sacrificed for us. >> brian: did any of the celebrities -- i agree with you -- did any of the celebrities get close to quitting? >> no. >> brian: they stuck it out. >> yeah. >> brian: you have a message for steven colbert. he take you on and called you out. >> right. i'm a big fan of his show, but he started criticizing the tv show. so i know he has a super pac. i'd like to see him take some of that money and donate it to veterans charities and law enforcement charities because the show that he's criticizing, we were raising hundreds of thousands of dollars and awareness nationwide and world wide for what's going on in afghanistan and the challenges that our veterans face. i'd like him to call me and invite me and we can debate on his show. >> brian: j.w., the nobel prize winner who said, i'm offended by this show, what's your quick message to them? >> it's ironic that the show you're criticizing is
7:56 am
celebrating soldiers and the same soldiers that have given you the right to criticize our show on their backs with their lives. >> brian: right. so they should really think about what they're saying. >> think about what they're saying and the bigger picture. >> i'd like to know what desmond tutu is doing for veterans. >> brian: can i jump to a conclusion and say nothing? that's my -- you're doing a lot more. andrew and j.w., thank you for joining us. good luck with your series. i can't wait for episode 1. great to see you. thanks for your service. we move ahead in our final hour. president obama still defending these comments. >> unchained wall street! they're gonna put y'all back in chains. >> brian: so what happened to all those calls for civility? michelle malkin weighs in at the top of the hour of the then who invited this guy? the caterer of president obama's campaign event shows up with a
7:57 am
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to promote proper sleeping posture all night long. the revolutionary recharge sleep system... from beautyrest. it's you, fully charged. >> gretchen: good morning, everyone. today is thursday, august 16. it's 2012. i'm gretchen carlson. thanks for sharing your time with us today. a shooting at a lobbyist group. instead of showing compassion, liberal groups fuel the flames. michelle malkin will weigh in. >> steve: remember that pro-obama ad suggesting that a woman died from cancer and it was mitt romney's fault? the first lady at a fund-raiser taking a page out of that super pac's playbook. listen to what she had to say coming up. >> brian: ladies, this one is for you. i have called in new york's bravest and buffest. the fdny -- >> steve: you called them in? did you dial 911? >> brian: i have connections. the calendar guys are here live.
8:01 am
find out if that month is your birthday. "fox & friends" starts right now >> steve: i just met the fireman in the green room. they're here for the next hour provided they don't get a call. >> brian: right. that can't be guaranteed. >> gretchen: i never thought about that. >> steve: that's right. >> gretchen: wow. i might need to be hosed off when i go out there. >> brian: you know what? i think they're equipped to hose off anything. >> gretchen: you never know. i think i've been assigned that interview. imagine that. >> brian: are there 12 for all 12 months? >> steve: there are 12 in all. however, a couple couldn't make it, probably still on duty. i think we have seven, eight or nine. >> gretchen: which one is june? >> brian: was that just hi gretchen? i'm not sure. >> gretchen: i'm gog find out. i'll have to figure out. you're october, right, steve? >> steve: i am.
8:02 am
>> gretchen: brian, you're may. i know yours better than i know people i've known forever. >> steve: that's guys are heros and great they're doing it for a great cause and gretchen is going to talk to them very shortly. >> gretchen: okay. here we are. we got to do headlines. unfortunately, there is a real sad story coming out of washington. luckily nobody tragically hurt, but a shooting happened there. it's now being called domestic terrorism. it happened at the headquarters of a christian lobbying group. we're learning that the gunman, 28-year-old floyd corkin spent the past six months volunteering at a lesbian gay, bisexual center. upon entering the christian building, corkin criticized the group and pulled out a gun, firing a shot at a security guard. that wound guard being hailed a hero for tackling the suspect to the ground and preventing a potential deadly attack. he's said to be in stable condition today. corkin is being held on an assault with a deadly weapon charge. a fox news alert.
8:03 am
learning 11 nato troops, including three american soldiers, have been killed in southern afghanistan today. their chopper apparently went down there. no word on what caused the crash. nato now investigating. now to another fox news alert. we're taking a look at the ecuadorian embassy, london, where wikileaks founder julian assange is awaiting word from ecuadorian officials on whether they'll grant him asylum in their country. that decision was expected at 7:00 a.m. eastern time of the but has not been announced yet. the "new york times" is reporting that ecuador will likely allow him to stay in the embassy indefinitely. if that's the case, the british government says it will raid the embassy to arrest him. assange has been holed up there for two months now. he's trying to dodge extradition to sweden where he's wanted on sexual misconduct charges and there is a chance he could be turned over to the united states for releasing classified government documents. customer money went missing
8:04 am
before mf global went bankrupt. a new report reveals no charges are expected against its former ceo. according to the "new york times," federal investigators want to meet with jon corzine, the former democratic governor of new jersey, about other employees. it's considered a sign prosecutors won't charge him despite being in charge of the company. corzine testified he had no idea where that money went and claimed he never told employees to misuse funds. at least one person is waking up $337 million richer. one winning ticket for the powerball jackpot was sold in michigan. one ticket only. the jackpot soared even higher because everyone was buying them. the identity of the winner or winners not known. the ticket purchased at a gas station in lapeer. if you haven't checked your tickets yet, here are the winning numbers, 6, 27, 46, 51, 56, and the powerball was 21. those are your headlines. good luck if you bought a ticket in michigan n lapeer, at a
8:05 am
impasse station. >> brian: i'm hoping you don't win because it ruins your life. >> steve: i'm hoping somebody about win and they heard it from us. >> brian: let's not become really, really rich. >> steve: i don't have it worry about that. five minutes after the top of the hour. paul ryan, pictured screen right, seems to be getting the upper hand on the medicare issue out on the campaign trail, brian. >> brian: chief white house correspondent, james rosen, live in north canton, ohio, with more. >> good morning, guys, from walsh university here in north canton, ohio, 90 minutes out from congressman ryan's remarks. i've been traveling with him for a week. he's only now starting to hit his stride as a stump speaker. the crowds have always been huge, overflow and enthusiastic. his aides tell me they're only just starting to learn how properly to brief and prepare him. the vice presidential candidate literally bounding with enthusiasm when he returned to
8:06 am
his alma mater, miami university near ohio yesterday. the ryan budget plan would cut $5 trillion from federal spending and purportedly balance the bum jet by 2040 and start producing surpluses. central to any budget is reining in spending. he says obamacare depends on raiding medicare by $716 billion. >> governor romney and i will protect and strengthen medicare for our current seniors and for our future seniors of tomorrow. [ applause ] >> we're not going to try and tear down your opponents so you make a awful choice of lesser of two evils. we're going to offer solutions. >> the obama campaign says governor romney and congressman ryan are knowingly misleading the voters on this subject. $716 billion in cuts, the obama campaign says, are cuts to doctors and insurers, cutting down on examines, excess, waste and fraud.
8:07 am
not cuts to seniors. the romney campaign says that's a distinction without a difference because the providers always pass along cost to the medicare seniors. in iowa yesterday, mr. obama argued those who seniors and medicare recipients should reject on this issue are the two men at the top of the gop ticket. >> governor romney and his running mate have a different plan. they want to turn medicare into a voucher system. that means seniors would no longer have a guarantee of medicare. they would get a promise of insurance. if it doesn't keep up with cost, well, that's the senior's problem. it was estimated that governor romney's running mate, his original plan would force seniors to pay an extra $6,400 a year. >> very tough to adjudicate all of these claims, each side relies on different studies and slices the numbers in ways that only actuaries and accountants can understand. my last tweeze in the 7:00 o'clock hour was so successful in building my follower base on twitter that i wonder if you'll indulge me and allow me to do
8:08 am
another tweeze. >> steve: go ahead. >> a tease on twitter. >> you put the friend in "fox & friends." so at the iowa state fair earlier this week, i caught up with congressman ryan as he was surrounded by well wishers and also media sacrum, lots of reporters. i shook hands and i asked him about his comment in north carolina that president obama lacks a moral com pass. he intimated that. and i will tweet out, when i leave here, what he said to me in response about that. back to you. >> gretchen: can we hire you as our tease person? >> sure. i'll be your tweeze person as well. >> gretchen: i'm sure you'd love to get up every morning at 4:00 a.m. >> brian: we have to bring in michelle malkin. get busy. >> give her my best. >> brian: michelle, james gives you his best. how are you? >> i'll have to tweeze something about his great twitter account. >> steve: make it twitchy. how about this? we've been talking about how this guy, floyd corkin, goes
8:09 am
into the family research council in downtown washington, d.c., there he is in a picture that fox news has obtained. apparently he shot the guard who was being referred to as a hero. the f.b.i. is trying to figure out whether or not to charge him with attempting a terrorist act. but before we find out exactly what is going on, huffington post is referred to the family research council, a traditional family values organization, as a hate group! >> yeah. it was a horrifying day at the family research council and for awful white house have friends and acquaintances who work there. and it was a huge relief to know that nobody died in that attack and that we had this hero, leo johnson. and i think it was compounded, all of the concern and anxiety, by this wave of hatred that greeted the news of the event yesterday. but it's not unexpected. not only did huffington post refer to the family research council as a hate group after
8:10 am
the fact, but, of course, we had this left wing group, human rights council, which has been on the case of many traditional values family values groups for years now, referred to frc as a hate group, just 18 hours before the event. and all of that is stoked by another left wing group, the southern poverty law center, which classified frc as a hate group. why? why? have they done anything like the new black panther party has in calling for violence and murder and armed revolution? no! the simple fact is their crime is that they stand for social conservative values. they defend traditional marriage and they believe in the sanctity of life. and i agree with many of these groups like the national organization for marriage that that kind of rhetoric has to stop. we always hear from left wing groups after random acts of violence that everybody needs to
8:11 am
have more introspection about their words and rhetoric. but they never do that after an attack like what happened yesterday and maybe they should. >> steve: no kidding. >> gretchen: let's talk about michelle obama on the campaign trail talk being this cancer ad, the controversial one, or was she? do you believe that she was insinuating back to that ad when she said that if you elect mitt romney, women will die from cancer? >> well, it's an interesting parallel, it's an interesting echo of ad's theme, of course, which is that somehow if republicans are elected to the white house that all of these people are going to die, tie, die. but it has been an uber scene since before obamacare was shoved down our throats that somehow if we didn't have these massive interventions, all of these deaths which happen every day, would and that republicans would be blamed for them. i think it's a good way to remind people of just how many fables this administration has
8:12 am
spun. going back to, of course, obama's own mother and the invocation of her cancer experiences as somehow an urgent example of why we need obamacare. of course, that turned out to be a fable as well. remember, that barak obama basically said that his mother was fighting with insurance companies while she was on her death bed. and it turned out, according to a "new york times" reporter, jenny scoot, she had her insurance. they reimbursed her for all her costs and the dispute that he was hyping was completely separate from the one that he made up as some sort of poster example for obamacare. >> brian: were you surprised that when the president heard the remarks mentioned in virginia, even though the vice president thought he was in north carolina, insinuating the chains comment -- >> steve: put y'all back in chains. >> brian: were you surprised the president quickly defended the vice president when other democrats have not been?
8:13 am
>> not surprised at all. they've stood by the gaffe fastic bozo the vice president from day one, of course. but i think just more fundamentally, it shows the basic disingeneral with usness of barak obama, who after the tucson shooting, called on the rest of the country to engage in more civil rhetoric, to use words that heal rather than words that wound. and he's awol on this basic example of smearing incivility and use of the race card by joe biden. >> steve: all right. michelle malkin, our twitchy tweezer. thank you very much for joining us today from colorado. >> you bet. take care. >> brian: coming up straight ahead for the americans who died in the attack on fort hood, justice had have to wait. the suspect holding up his own trial by refuse to go shave his beard.
8:14 am
>> gretchen: who invited this guy, the caterer for the president's campaign event shows up in a romney shirt. that takes you know what [ male announcer ] when this hotel added aflac to provida better benefits package... oahhh! [ male announcer ] it made a big splash with the employees. [ duck yelling ] [ male announcer ] find out more at... [ duck ] aflac! [ male announcer ] ♪ ha ha! [ thunk ] sweet! [ male announcer ] the solid thunk of the door on the volkswagen jetta. thanks, mister!
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8:17 am
>> brian: get this, there is another delay in the accused fort hood shooter's trial. this time it's the third time -- the proceedings have been put on hold due to the defendant's refusing to shave his beard. he's citing religion as the reason. so how does this happen? how do we solve it? fox news legal analyst peter johnson, jr. is here with the details. military court, million? >> they say the army says you can't have facial hair while in uniform. and major nidal malik hasan says i have a premonition of death. he certainly does because he's facing the death penalty. and he's saying, my religion comes first.
8:18 am
let me wear my beard, even though i wasn't wearing the beard at the time i allegedly killed and wounded all these people. and that my muslim religion demands that i wear the beard. the army is saying no, you're disruptive of the proceeding. we're holding you in contempt. we're fining you $1,000. he appealed to the court of appeals. they've stayed the trial. it's been stayed for a couple of months. it's been delayed, delayed, delayed. the families are going nuts. they're saying, when will there be justice for our loved ones in this case? so it comes down to constitutional issue, is there a compelling state interest by which his so-called free exercise of religion could be limited? because we know if off yamika, if you have a priest collar, if you have -- you can wear those things. the difference is, the army says you can't wear a beard. they say, you can't wear a beard not because of religion, but because of morale, discipline, army integrity.
8:19 am
>> brian: next step, they strap him down and shave it off? >> unfortunately that, would be the next step. but the problem is, and he knows what the problem is, that sends a signal to the muslim world that somehow the army is engaging in these brutal tactics against this muslim warrior who is in the air of al-awlaki who was killed by a drone and says, what are you doing to this poor guy? so we're look for sensible solution that balances constitutional interests and that's in play with the desire to move this thing ahead quickly. in my view, in my view, the court of appeals should say, shave him because there is a comepelling state interest. >> brian: it's hard to imagine the terrorist groups being more militarized by how we treat a terrorist. but you never know. peter johnson, jr., thanks so much. >> i say justice for the families. let's move ahead. >> brian: me, too. next on this rundown, the governor of arizona causing more
8:20 am
controversy this morning. what she decided to do on the same day thousands of illegals lined up for work papers and remembering the king live from graceland. rick? >> brian, you know, jose feliciano, he has a new tribute album to the king. we're going to be talking with him in just a second. stick with us. "fox & friends" will be right back. hey, i love your cereal there --
8:21 am
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for ninety nine ninety nine, you'll get one free. visit a sprint store, or call eight five five, eight seven eight, four biz.
8:23 am
>> gretchen: headlines. thousands lined up for applications to delay deportation under obama's new immigration policy, arizona governor jan brewer issued an executive order saying those folks should still be considered undocumented and won't be granted public benefits like
8:24 am
driver's licenses. michael j. fox getting ready to return to tv. he left "spin city" to battle parkinson's disease. the new series will be a comedy inspired by his own life. >> steve: remembering the king. today marks the 35th anniversary of elvis presley's death and thousands have flocked to graceland in memphis, tennessee to pay tribute to the king of rock'n'roll. our own rick reichmuth is all shook up and he's right there outside the gate. i'm hoping he can hear us, although he kind of looks like he doesn't. rick, can you hear us? hello? >> gretchen: rick? >> steve: he doesn't hear. >> gretchen: rick? >> i'm not sure if -- i can't hear you. i'm not sure if you can hear me. we've got jose feliciano here. if you know the song "feliz
8:25 am
navidad," we have you to thank for that. >> good morning attention everyone. it's really nice to be here examine great to be here in graceland talking about the king, my friend, my buddy, and everybody i know loved him. >> in order for you to pay tribute to him, you've come up with a new album called "the king." >> i have. and i'm so proud of it because i did it at home in my studio. i played all the instruments. did all the background vocals and i'm so happy that my friend, johnny phillips, said jose, i want to help you release this album. so i have a lot of friends in memphis. i love memphis. >> one of the things that's really struck a lot of people is that last night here at the candlelight vigil, priscilla and lisa marie were out here. you were with them afterward last night, how were they on
8:26 am
this 35th anniversary of elvis' death? >> i think they were wonderful. priscilla especially. and lisa marie, too, because lisa marie being the daughter, presill la being elvis' wife, i think these ladies have so much that one can say about them. they were really wonderful ladies. >> and such a great thing that they were able to be here. you were able to see them and you've got this new album out honoring the king, the king by jose feliciano. thanks for getting up for us this morning. guys, back to you in new york. >> gretchen: all right, rick. thanks so much. >> steve: there he is in front of those iconic gates at graceland with the musical notes on it. >> brian: and jose feliciano a legend in his own right. straight ahead, it's official, now stuck in the weakist economic recovery since world war ii. brand-new jobless numbers are due out any second. stick around. we'll look at them, examine
8:27 am
them, and talk about them. >> gretchen: no one expected the caterer would crash the party. the president's food delivery guy shows up in a romney shirt? huh?
8:28 am
8:29 am
8:30 am
8:31 am
>> gretchen: fox business alert. the labor department releasing brand-new weekly jobless numbers, 366,000 first-time unemployment claims filed last week. that is up from 361,000 the week before and more than expected. liz mcdonald is here from the "fox business" network. the expectation was i believe 363? >> that's right. what we want to look at is the four-week moving average, not to -- the four-week really does show the trend. it probably would tick higher than 368,000. that's not a good sign. that shows that the economy is weakening again slightly. >> steve: why? >> you know, i think people are at a stand still. they're worry being the so-called fiscal cliff. businesses have seized up on whether or not they're going to spend and hire more workers. i think also that just the general mood of the country is not so great. >> steve: you're talking politics, aren't you? >> i don't want to talk politics. but when you look at the history of housing crackup, we've looked at that and studied it, we
8:32 am
really are breaking it near the bottom. i don't want to get into a political discussion because they'll say the republicans are using it as a talking point. we looked at data from morgan stanley, goldman sachs, the government, people who studied the issue and say we really are in one of the worst recoveries we've ever seen. >> steve: since the great depression. gdp is down. we lost something like 8 million jobs in the crash and normally in a recovery at this point, we'd be way, way up. but we've still only recreated, what, half that number? >> yeah. that's right. and that's the way to look at it. the president says, and people in washington, d.c. will say look, we created 8 million -- 4 million jobs. no, you want to look at it on a net basis and you're right. we are down on a net basis because of job losses. raise your happened? >> brian: you going to call on me? >> i'm not supposed to be calling on anybody. i'm at your kitchen table. >> gretchen: you got to understand the dynamic.
8:33 am
we're around the curvy couch. typically he raises his hand for attention. >> brian: i have a theory. first recession that we're going through where it truly interdependent with other nations involved. no matter how good we do or much he we struggle, we're so dependent on trade with china examine europeful as they struggle, we can onlyo so far. how do you feel about that? >> globalization has been around since the '80s. >> brian: but at this level? >> i'm not buying it. i mean, look, there have been other housing busts and other housing crackups in other countries and there has been quicker recoveries from them. yes, we are a big diverse population, but the time that i always like to look at is '80, kill and what happened there. we basically saw the government adding 9.8 million jobs, three years after that. we're nowhere near that pace. yet, there was a lot of government spending under reagan, but there was also serious regulation and tax reform at that time. >> steve: so it sounds like you don't buy what our president has said a number of times where
8:34 am
president obama has said, well, you know, it's rough sledding because of what's going on in europe. >> no, i don't, because the size of the exports to europe -- let's face it, when you -- >> steve: it's not helpful? >> no, but they're not our biggest trading partner are. dan and mexico are. that's the way you got to look at it, too. you'll hear time examine again, we inherited this recession. you sure did inherit the recession. did you enact the right policies to get growth moving. we know nancy pelosi and harry reid have been in dc since the '80s. joe biden has been around since the nixon administration. when you hear time and again we inherited the recovery, you got to look through what the reality is. >> gretchen: you said you didn't want to get into the political -- >> i didn't want to. >> gretchen: that will be the political discussion as we move toward the election. great to see you. >> same here. >> brian: look forward to seeing you on the fox business channel. moments ago, the names of six more speakers were announced who
8:35 am
will address the crowd at the rnc. they include new hampshire senator kelly ayotte, louisiana governor bobby jindal, florida congressman, connie mac, and ohio senator rob portman, former democratic congressman arturo davis from alabama and the governor of virginia, been mcdonnel will be speaking. it kicks off august 27 in tampa. "fox & friends" will be at both conventions live. so we have to start packing now because we need a myriad of outfits. >> gretchen: we do. okay. thank you for that heads up. >> brian: and toiletries because we'll be traveling. also we'll have complete coverage. >> gretchen: the most important thing is we'll have complete coverage. >> steve: and apparently costumes, too. >> brian: change. >> gretchen: new images now, this is going inside syria where our own war correspondent, steve harrigan, witnessing the incredible aftermath of the attacks we've been telling you about for months. this a fox news first.
8:36 am
>> you can tell the incredible emotion where minutes ago a fighter jet crashed there. that man is missing his family. >> gretchen: moments before that video was shot, a war plane dropped a bomb right on top of those apartments. dozens were killed, including women and children. the government claims it's doing nothing wrong and the rebels are responsible for this violence. >> steve: meanwhile, a vacation in paradise ending tragically for a young couple from connecticut. 28-year-old kathleen died after falling nearly 200 feet into the atlantic. she was parasailing with her husband in florida when her harness somehow broke. the crew was able to safely reel in her husband. apparently they were doing a tandem. when they got to her, she was in cardiac arrest. >> brian: like falling off a
8:37 am
building. >> steve: an investigation underway to figure out what went wrong. >> brian: 24 minutes before the top of the hour. is this the real deal, a scottish sailer claims this is the best picture of the loch ness monster. he says he spent the past 26 years hunting for the sea creature examine last november, he finally spotted it. he says he's just releasing the photo now because he needed time to rule out all other possibilities. >> steve: how many years? >> brian: 26 years. plus he must have had to have a summer job. he's claiming there is more than one. >> gretchen: where is it? >> brian: that clearly looks like an elbow. >> gretchen: i like the original loch ness monster, it looked like the long necked dinosaur. >> steve: it looked like puff, the magic dragon. >> gretchen: that one i believed more. >> brian: that is absolutely the loch ness monster. >> steve: the myth has been out there for over 1,000 years. >> gretchen: that's a seal. >> brian: i ruled that out. >> steve: thank you very much. >> gretchen: let's talk about this, we told you earlier in the
8:38 am
show that there was this guy who worked for the catering company that was going to present a meal for the president of the united states when he came for a visit. well, guess what he decided to wear? he wore that shirt right there, a romney -- pro-romney shirt that said i built this, my business, i did. no idea if the president actually saw him in this shirt directly. but that's what he decided to wear. >> steve: brian, the people who own this particular catering company kind of like the odd couple which you love to quote, this guy right here, russ, is a registered republican. his partner is a democrat. even though this guy is not going to vote for president obama, business is business. and so to make a statement, he showed up in the t-shirt. >> brian: i think it's great because does he need the business, but he doesn't want politics to get in the way. nome do i like the odd couple, i beat tony randle at the odd couple trivia game.
8:39 am
he like to minimize that success. >> gretchen: wow. i'm going to ask for that on dvd. >> brian: i'll see if i can do that for you. but it's on 8 track. >> gretchen: somebody who did decide to decline more business potentially was a virginia business owner who has declined now a request from vice president joe biden's entourage to stop at he and his wife's store, it's called crumb and get it. get it? they've only been in business for three months. and they don't agree with the policies, specifically this gentleman says he did not agree when the president did say that speak of small businesses, you didn't build that. and he said it's ironic because his wife was up for 24 hours straight when just the last night before he was interviewed because she's busy working on her small business! >> brian: i think he's missing an opportunity 'cause if the president is going to be in there, they'll do the handshake and he can politely say, hey, mr. vice president, i got something to tell you, i'm insulted by the comments. why stiff arm?
8:40 am
>> gretchen: we're talking about it right now. he's getting publicity. >> steve: he could make his case personally. interestingly enough. on monday, the guy who ran the beer tent at the iowa state fair? the president did wind up getting permission with him to stop by. this guy lost something like $25,000 in business, the guy at the beer tent did, because they had to lock down security wise. it was at the height of the beer drinking time. >> brian: which is when you get up. i'm up, honey. >> steve: so it can have a financial component to it. the beer guy lost $25,000. >> gretchen: it's always good to get your personal stories of how you live your life. >> brian: i try to put myself into it. >> steve: straight ahead, church discounts at the water park in jeopardy now. same goes for the military discount. that's because some atheists say just not fair. the owner of the park comes up live. >> gretchen: and is it just me or is it getting hot in here? or out on our plaza?
8:41 am
new york's bravest and buffest firefighters. ladies, you're welcome for that segment. 8:52 a.m there they are. hi, guys check out bass pro shops' fall hunting classic for extra savings of up to $100 during our binocular and rangefinder trade-in sale. and bring the family for free kids' activities this weekend.
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bass pro shops. your adventure starts here.
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>> brian: fox news alert. officials in ecuador will come to the rescue of julian assange. he's been holed up in the embassy in london for the past two months and now word is he'll be granted asylum there. british police are threatening to arrest assange if he steps foot outside the building. he still desperately trying to
8:45 am
dodge extradition to sweden. he's wanted there on sexual misconduct charges. there is also a chance he could be turned over to the u.s. for releasing hundreds of thousands of classified government documents. the government in ecuador said it made its decision partially because it fears assange wouldn't have a fair trial here. your move, britain. steve? >> steve: thanks. a water park's attempt to offer discounts to church groups and seniors and members of the military leading to cries of discrimination. the freedom from religion foundation firing off a letter to the arkansas water park after a nonprofit group claimed it was denied the deal. here is a quote from the atheist organization. they say willow springs water park's restrictive promotional practice favors religious customers and denies both customers those who do not attend church as well as nonbelievers the right to full and equal enjoyment and any promotions should be available to all customers regardless of religious preference or practice
8:46 am
on a nondiscriminatory basis. david ratliff is the co-owner of the water park, willow springs and joins us live from little rock. good morning to you. >> good morning. >> steve: okay. so mondays historically have been slow at the water park. so what did you decide to do? >> well, we decided to support our mondays with inviting three different groups out to test our market and see what we could do. >> steve: so you invited military, you get a discount, seniors, you get a discount and church groups get a discount. what was the reaction? >> tripled our revenue. it was a little scarey. it was good business. it worked out really well. we don't know how well it worked until our season is over and we have a chance to look at our numbers. >> steve: absolutely. so the deal was, come on mondays and you get a discount. however, one group that represented a bunch of inner city kids called and said, hey, we'd love to take you up on that
8:47 am
offer. but we don't want to do it on a monday. so then what happened? >> well, they got very upset, tied up our phone lines for seven hours that day. they got angry. they have since apologized and i think the person that got his feelings hurt is really an honorable man, jackson. but in the process, they turned us over to this freedom from religion foundation, so that's a battle it looks like we might have to fight. >> steve: does it sound like they may actually try to take to you court? >> that's what they make it sound like. i don't believe they will. most of the time when you stand up to a bully, they walk away and that's what i expect to happen here. >> steve: why do you call them bullies? >> because they're trying to put their hands in my business and tell me what to do. i don't believe what they believe. i wouldn't ask them for their advice and i'm certainly not going to take it when it's pushed on me. >> steve: and aside from hearing
8:48 am
from this organization, has anybody else said hey, david, come o you can't do that? >> no. there has been a lot of stuff on facebook, on our facebook page, but the calls that i've got from all over the united states and canada have been very supportive. it's most people's position that it's christians, we've given up way too much for the way too few. >> steve: and at this point, david, are you planning on dropping it, the discount for churches? >> no. we went ahead and extended it because there was some misgivings. people thought we had dropped it. so we extended it through labor day. that's the last monday we'll be open. >> steve: drop on by on mondays. they're really busy now. they're at willow springs water park. thank you very much. >> thank you. >> steve: all right. what do you think? e-mail us. meanwhile, ladies, this next one is for you. new york city's bravest and buffest standing by. they're on a calendar. you know who is suddenly paying attention to "fox & friends"? martha mccallum. >> yes. i'm sitting straight up in my chair. i saw the gentlemen downstairs.
8:49 am
very nice. thank you, steve. and good morning to them as well. good morning to you at home. so listen, what we've got this morning, brand-new swing state polls that we want to take a look at with ed rollins a. big question, is the tide starting to turn a little bit in this election? he's here on that. former special ops folks speaking out against the president. is this the swift voting of 2012? all of that coming up at the top of the hour. we'll see you then in america's news room. ♪
8:50 am
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♪ you can ring my bell ♪ ring my bell ♪ ring my bell ♪ . >> gretchen: come on, how long did it take to research that song for this segment? they're going to ring your bell, trust me. just when you thought it couldn't get hotter, the fdny
8:53 am
fueling the flames of the release of their 2013 calendar of heros. let me introduce them. jacques, james, jack, kenny, jovis, jose, rob. we have them from february to november. some of the other guys must actually be working this morning. right? >> some guys are working. >> gretchen: what do you have to do, mr. february, to get into this calendar? >> well, basically you do a casting call. we had 100 firemen that showed up. then we have celebrity panel and the celebrity panel goes through the list of 13 guys they select and then you hopefully get called. >> gretchen: so where does the money go if people go to purchase this calendar? >> goes to the foundation and all that money helps us with gear, helps get awareness out of fire safety. it's all for a good cause. >> gretchen: was it tough to think of yourself as being in the calendar?
8:54 am
did you have any hesitation at all? >> a little bit, just 'cause we do get guys in the fire house give you a little hard time sometimes. although a lot of them are supportive. but a lot of them will definitely tease you about it. >> gretchen: i can imagine. show me the move that you did for the celebrity panel. to get in the calendar! what pose? >> what month? , i think it might have been this one. maybe looking up? i think it was one of these. >> gretchen: that looks good. how much do you work out per day, mr. june, which by the way, i'm a little partial to 'cause this is my month? >> june is the greatest month. a lot of activity going on in june. i work out as much as i can to try to stay in shape. that's the nature of our job to be fit and ready on call. >> gretchen: who has the biggest biceps? right now looking at awful you guy, it's a close call. you might be at the top. >> i don't know. i think my small head makes my biceps look huge.
8:55 am
i don't know. i'm going to say vinny. he's got huge arms. >> gretchen: what do does it take for you to want to be in the calendar? >> to actually my friends told me. i remember when i first became a fireman, a lot of my friends said, are you going to be in the calendar? i was like, it's not something that i thought about. but if they push me, egged me along and said you should try out. i tried out and here i am today. >> gretchen: is there competition between the guys? >> competition, no. just love and everybody supporting each other and everybody motivating each other. it's great. >> gretchen: you said that you wouldn't win the bicep contest. what is your best attribute? >> we're on tv, right? i don't know. probably going to say my abs. >> gretchen: let's see them. >> am i allowed to show my abs? >> gretchen: whoa! oh, my gosh. that's a new definition of the six pack. before i let you guys go, can you do a couple pushups for us? normally i'd join you, but i'm
8:56 am
injured. let's see how many you can do. all right. ready, go! look, he's doing it one legged! come on! he's showing you guys up! i think i'm going to stay out here, guys. why not? we'll be right back with more "fox & friends," two minutes away. you can't argue with nutrition you can see. great grains. great grains cereal starts whole and stays whole. see the seam? more pcessed flakes look nothing like natural grains. i'm eating what i kn is better nutrition. mmmm. great grains. search great grains and see for yourself.
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>> brian: tomorrow it's a wrap. all american summer concert series, lynrd skynrd live with us on the plaza. >> steve: they've been here before, they electrified the crowd.


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